8 Best Sites For Website Testing Jobs – Sites That Pay You For Testing Websites

by Chinkush
website testing

Tired of giving opinions to your friends and closed one who never listen to you. Your opinion matters and you can be paid for giving opinions. There are some come cool sites that offer website testing jobs and pay users for testing their customers websites. Big companies pay these sites to check user response on their websites. You test their websites and give reviews after testing where you got problem or what thing you don’t like about their website. These reviews help the website to be more user friendly. You just need to be truthful while testing the websites. That’s it most of these sites pay you through Paypal. Here is the list of best website testing sites


Usertesting is one of the best website testing site. You just need to sign up, take tests and get paid. You can earn $10 for every 20 minute test. This website has lot of positive reviews. They have taken more than 3,000,000 tests. You will paid through Paypal after 7 days of test completion.


Userfeel is another website testing site that pays you $10 per test. They will give you certain questions while testing the website and you have to act accordingly. You will be paid through Paypal.


Trymyui is a site that pays you for testing websites as well as apps. They pay you $10 for each test you take. A single test takes 20 minutes to complete. You will be paid though Paypal according to your grades of testing.


Validately is another reliable site that pays for testing website. They claim various big companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and many others are using their services. You will be paid from $10-$70 per test. You will be paid through Paypal after 7 days of completion of test.


Userbrain is another site that will pay you for testing websites. You have to pass qualification test in order to receive paid tests. You will be paid $3 for every 5-15 minute test video.


Enroll is another testing website that allows you testing through phones, tablets or desktops. You will be paid via Paypal for every test. They have taken more than 651, 315 tests.


Test.io is another testing website that pay pays you for finding errors. You can test apps and games along with websites. You can earn up to $50 for every error or bug you find. They pay via Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill or Bank transfer.


Checkealos is another testing website that pays you for giving feedback. Every feedback lasts for 15 minutes and you will be paid € 8 per feedback. You will test websites about apps, cars, banking insurance, VR and e-commerce. You will be paid through Paypal.


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