10 Best Virtual Assistant Jobs To Work Remotely

by Chinkush
best virtual assistant jobs to work remotely

Virtual assistant jobs are the best jobs for housewives or any retired person. Small business that don’t want to hire huge staff for their work they hire virtual assistant or virtual personal assistant. The best part of these virtual assistant jobs is that you can do them sitting anywhere in the world and work load is not that much as compare to other jobs. As VA you should know your responsibility what task is assigned to you, you need to complete that. In most of the cases you are paid hourly. Here is the list of best virtual assistant jobs:


Zirtual is providing virtual assistant jobs from 2011. You have to complete small task jobs like inbox management, calendar management, social media strategy, research, data entry, content marketing and lot more. Assistants are trained before working for their clients. You have to be US based in order to apply for this job. Join zirtual here

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands offers virtual assistant jobs to everyone. Each task takes 10-20 minutes to complete. You will be paid according to the difficulty of the job. You just need good internet connection and good with phone. Join fancy hands here


Byron is a site that’s looking for professional Virtual assistants who are specialized in doing tasks. Tasks include administrative, bookkeeping, data entry, marketing, customer support, transcription and a lot more. You need experience in VA field to work for them. Apply byron here

99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social provides social media services that means you have to manage social media accounts for small business in order to work from them. You need to ghostwrite social media posts for 40 hours a week and you will be paid hourly. Join 99 dollar social here

Task Virtual

Task Virtual provides virtual assistant services for real estate, e commerce and social media management agencies. Their payrate is different according to your location. US based VAs earn more as compare to other countries. Join task virtual here

247 Virtual Assistants

247 Virtual Assistant provides training to all VA before they are assigned the job. Only few members who apply gets selected. You have to do general tasks like transcription, PowerPoint, research and planning. Their payrate differs according to the location. US based VAs earn more as compare to others. Join 247 virtual assistant here


Delegated formerly known as redbutler assigns VA for the companies according to your profile. They search for the profiles of the workers according to the projects and assigns the jobs. The payrate is different according to the project. Join delegated here


Askwonder hire VAs who can do thorough research on the topics that are given to them. Your accuracy is what matters the most. You will be paid per project. Join askwonder here


Vasumo has made good name in providing high quality VA service. They hires only US based VAs and train them about more than 300 task so that they can complete any task anytime. Their tasks include website design, social media, graphic design, research and data entry. Join vasumo here

Assistant Match

Assistant match is this VA industry from last 10 years. This site matches the profiles of VA to task available. You can do research and data entry work or if you have experience you can complete other tasks. They only hire US based VAs and before selecting you have to pass screening. Join assistant match here


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