7 Easy Typing Jobs From Home For 2021(Exclusive)

by Chinkush
typing jobs from home

Typing jobs from home are the jobs that anyone can do easily. If you are good in typing and loves to write you are at right place. This post is all about typing jobs that are legitimate and pay you for the work you do. There are lot of SCAMS running that say they will provide you typing jobs and once you pay them they are gone. Always remember never pay anything before you get the job and ask them you will pay when you will get the first income. If they don’t agree they are scam. Don’t worry that’s why I have made the list of best typing jobs from home for 2021.


Transcribing is best job for if you are good at typing. In these jobs you will mainly convert audio files to text format. You can do these jobs online sitting anywhere in the world and the best part of these jobs is that you can earn good money. What you need? Just laptop and good earphones/headphones. You can even continue your career as a transcriptionist.

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Content Writer

Content writer is the best evergreen typing job from home if you love writing. Every website/blog needs content writers that can write about their website. You can work this job remotely from anywhere in the world. Your earning will increase with the time and experience.

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If you have good command in your naïve language or any other language, translator job is perfect for you. You can even begin your career as a translator. Some companies allows you to translate from your phone. Translators are in great demand and paid well.

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Legal Transcriber

Legal Transcriber job is same as simple transcriber but in this job you will transcribe legal documents. You can work remotely from anywhere in the world. In these jobs payrate is much more as compare to simple transcriber. You can join as a legal transcriber if you have some experience as a transcriptionist.

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Virtual Assistant

You can become virtual assistant and complete writing jobs to earn money. These are particularly short time jobs, you just have to complete task in the time period. There will be lot of typing related tasks or jobs from which you can select which are perfect for you.

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Closed Captioning Jobs

Closed captioning jobs are in great demand and you can easily find job. As a captioner you will create captions for various video files that can be video recording from television or any meeting. You will be paid according to the task. You can freelance or work real time.

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Captcha Solving Jobs

Captcha solving jobs are the easiest typing jobs from home that are ideal for any age group. You just need to solve captchas in given time. The more captcha you solve the more you make. As it is the easy job so the payrate is very low. These jobs are perfect if you want to beat free time.

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These are the best and easy typing jobs from home. In some jobs you can even start your career. It’s important to check the company bio and reviews on Google before working for any company. Above mentioned jobs are tested and totally legitimate. If you want review about any company just comment below and I will reply you as soon as possible.


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