Play Games For Money – 8 Best Sites To Earn Money Playing Games

by Chinkush
make money playing games

Who don’t love playing games. But what if you are paid for playing games or you can earn money playing games. Have you ever thought you can play games for money. We have tested some sites that pays you good money playing games in your free time. Most companies pay you through paypal. Here the list of best sites that pay for playing games


Repeat is tournament based gaming site that pays you real money. You can play games like fortnite, dota 2 and league of legends. Counter strike will be added soon.

Check this amazing site here

Wealth Words

Wealth Words is a crossword puzzle game that really pays you. If you are good at playing brain puzzle games you can really earn a good money playing on this site.

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Play and win is a great site that pays you prizes which can be redeemed to real money. You can play easy games like ludo, tower empire, puzzle parade and many more.

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Paidgameplayer is another site that pays you for playing games. There are a lot of games to choose from. You can earn more money by reviewing online games and completing other tasks.

Check this amazing site here

Corporation Master

If you like playing business games Corporation Master is for you. This is virtual economy game that pays you real money. You can check your management skills by playing on this site.

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Prime slots is luck based game. They have a lot of spinning games. You can earn huge jackpot if you got lucky.

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Worldwinner is competion based game. You have to compete other players in the game and you could real money on winning.

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Exodus3000 is a site that pays games for playing game. You will earn mars dollar(virtual currency) which can transform to real cash. They claim they have paid $65000 since 2006. This is survival based game in which you have to defeat others. Minimum payout is 300000 mars dollar equivalent to $20.

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