5 Genuine Part Time Jobs That Pay Well Online

by Chinkush
part time jobs that pay well

Online jobs are the best part time jobs that you can do in your spare time and make money. It’s important to check background of the company as there are lots of scam online. All the sites you will find on Ezmoney Online are totally genuine websites. The best part of these online part time jobs is that you can do these jobs from anywhere from this planet. We have tested and made the list of best genuine part time jobs that pay well online. Don’t think you can earn millions overnight. So let’s begin.

Become Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist you can make $15- $20 per hour. What you need? Just a headphone and good understanding of your language. That’s it listen to the audio files and write it in text format provided by the site and make money. The audio files are generally be the recordings of the phone calls.

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Become Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant you can make $15-$18 per hour. You don’t need to be highly skilled to become virtual assistant. All you need is to complete tasks like inbox management, calendar management, data entry, social media management and lot more. You just need to complete the task in given time and for that work you will be paid.

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Become Online Tutor

Generally an online tutor is paid between $15-$20 per hour, can make more if you have teaching experience. You can teach any language, any skill or any prior knowledge you have. You can even teach English language. Your students would be from all over the world of different age groups.

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Become Freelance Writer

Freelance writer generally make $15-$20 per hour, can make more if you are experienced writer. As a beginner you can write about food, travel, gaming, fashion or any topic you are interested in. The more good your writing would be the more you will earn. You can easily find writing jobs on fiverr or upwork.

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Become Website Tester

As a website tester you can make $15-$25 per hour. You have to test the website and give honest reviews and opinions about the website. You will be paid for every website you test. Just be truthful whatever you feel about website say it and make money.

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Hope you have got the idea of what you can make working part time online. You can utilize your free time and raise your bank balance. Your payrate will increase with time when you will gain experience. These are not super easy jobs you need to work hard and with dedication. In the end its all about your hard work and patience.

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