How To Create A Website From Scratch – Step By Step Guide

by Chinkush
create website from scratch

Before creating website you should know about some important terms. First of all what’s domain? A domain name is used to identify different IP address, its unique name that points to website like, So to create website first thing is to buy a domain name. Second thing you need is hosting. Now you will be thinking you bought a domain name why there’s need of hosting. Then you are wrong a domain name is just a name, what about the files you will upload to your website. That’s why we need hosting to host our website files on web server that we rent by paying some amount. Let’s begin creating website

Step 1: Search the domain

First of all you need to search a domain. Go to godaddy and search domain name if it is available. It’s not necessary to go for .com you can search for .co, .org, .net or you can search for .store if you want to sell anything. There are a lot of options to choose from. Next step is to add domain to cart and buy that domain. You are done. Now you are the owner of that domain.

2. Find the hosting

Believe me hostinger is the cheap and best hosting provider available online. Moreover this site is also hosted on same provider. Choose the hosting plan you want. Their basic plan is best for you if you are running a blog or simple website. They also provide free SSL certificate with their all plans. SSL makes your site safe and secure. If you buy domain and hosting on same provider(like you bought domain and hosting from same godaddy or hostinger or any other provider) then you are done, step 3 is not for you.

Step 3: Changing nameserver

If you bought domain and hosting from different provider you have to change nameserver of your domain to point towards your hosting. First of all login to your domain and select your domain name. Scroll down to additional settings and select manage DNS

In nameservers section click on change. Now search for your nameserver of your hosting(you can search them on google like nameserver for hostinger) In my case the name server were

Put first one in first block and second one in second block and click save.

Congratulations you have created your website. Now you can create anything like blog, store, educational site or personal site. It’s recommended to install wordpress on your site. It’s not compulsory but it’s best and easy to use for newbie.


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