6 Best Travel Writing Jobs – Freelance Writing Jobs

by Chinkush
travel writing jobs

Do you love travelling and looking for freelance writing jobs? Here are the websites that pay you for sharing your experiences. This is the best thing you can do if you travel a lot. You can start your career as a travel writer by starting from place which is nearby your location. You can also start a travel blog when you gain experience about writing. Here is the list of best travel freelance writing jobs

Horizon Guides

Horizon Guides is amazing site that pays publishers for writing about particular niche like fishing, photography and a lot more. If you can write about travel guide you will be credited as author along with your social media. They pay $500 per assignment. You can join their network here

Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing is wonderful site that pays writers for writing about personal travel stories or giving travel advice. They pay from $50 – $200 according to the article. You can read guidelines here

Go World Travel

Go World Travel is looking for writers who can write travel essays along with photos. The article length should be between 850-1600 words. They pay around $30-$50 per article. Check their guidelines here

The Expeditioner

The expeditioner is looking for writers who can write about unsolicited travel articles. The article length should be 1200 words or more. They pay around $30 per submission. Check their guidelines here

Metador Network

Metador Network is the best site for travel writers and photographers around the globe. You can sign up their community if you are beginner travel writer. They pay more than $40 for every article. Join their community here

Fund Your Life Overseas and Incomes Abroad

If you are thinking to make money while traveling, fund your life overseas and incomes abroad is one of the best site for you. They are looking for travel stories and if you have one share it with them They pay $75 for fund your life overseas newsletter and $400 for incomes abroad. Check out their guidelines here


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