Top 9 Sites That Pay You For Watching Videos

by Chinkush
earn money watching videos

Don’t you want to make money watching videos. If yes you are at right place. There are various sites that pays its users to watch online videos. If you are the person that spend a lot of time watching videos this post is specially for you. In this why you can pass your spare time and earn money too. The video creators pay amount to these sites to get views and these sites pays to their users that amount taking their share. Here is the list of site that pays you for watching videos


Swagbucks is the oldest and most trustable site.
● A lot of video options to choose from.
● Also earn form taking surveys, browsing web and online shopping
● Already paid more than $275,000,000
● Pays through Paypal Or gift cards.

My Points

● Mypoints is another trustable site that pays you for watching videos.
● You can choose any video you like.
● You can be paid through other offers like shopping online, playing games, taking surveys etc
● This site has got very good rating from users.
● Pays through Paypal or gift cards.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another oldest and reputable site that pays for watching videos.
● They have paid over $59 million to its users.
● You can earn through reading emails, taking surveys, playing games, online shopping etc
● Pays through Paypal or Gift cards


Viggle is a service that pays you for watching your favorite shows on Netflix, amazon or hulu.
● You will earn points per minute(number of points depends on the show)
● You just need andoid or apple phone.
● Pays through cash or gift cards.

Market Force Information

● Market Force is the best site for movie lovers.
● You will be paid for watching movie premiere for free.
● You can earn through mystery shopping, completing surveys, giving reviews, researching etc


● Love watching netflix? Netflix tagger is perfect job for you.
● You have to watch netflix videos and tag them accordingly. That’s it you will be paid for that.
● Perfect for someone you spend long hours watching netflix.
● Only problem is they have limited positions so you have to check their portal from time to time.

Quick Rewards

Quick rewards is another site that pays for watching videos.
● You can also earn through completing surveys, shopping online, playing games etc
● Quick support response
● Pays through Paypal or gift cards


Successbux is another website that pays for watching videos as well as listening music.
● You can also earn through watching advertisements, taking surveys etc
● They have already paid more than $26,000 to their users
● Pays through Paypal


Fusion Cash is another site that pays for watching videos.
● You can also earn through completing surveys, shop online, visiting websites etc

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