Best Free And Paid Video Editing Software For 2021

by Chinkush
best free and paid video editing software

Video Editing is an art which can make any video interesting. In 2021 video editing is in great demand whether you are a youtuber or work as freelancer. You can make good living creating videos. Don’t matter if you are a beginner just start working today and your skills will improve day by day. We have made a list of best free and paid video editing software.

Best Paid Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best professional video editing software available online. You don’t need any other software if you use this software. This software is highly recommended if you want future in freelance video editing.

Available On: Windows, Mac

Cyberlink Power Director

Cyberlink Power Director is another high end video editing software. Only the problem is it available for windows. You can use beginner or advanced interface for editing videos.

Available On: Windows

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro x is only video editing software you need if you are using Mac. The only reason we will recommend Adobe Premiere Pro if you have skills to make high professional videos. For beginners and mid beginners this is best editing software.

Available On: Mac

Corel Video Studio Pro

Corel Video Studio comes with bundle of features you can choose while editing videos. You can create 4k videos and there are lot of video effects to choose from.

Available On: Windows

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is another best paid video editing software. It allows you to create 360 degree video, split screen, motion tracking and a lot of video effects.

Available On: Windows

Best Free Video Editing Software:

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is professional free video editing software that can help you making awesome videos. Excellent tutorials are available online to use this software.

Available On: Windows, Mac


Blender is another best free video editor. You can complete most of your video editing task on this platform including complex video editing.

Available On: Windows, Mac and Linux


Lightworks is another professional video editing software. Perfect for making youtube videos. Free version is sufficient to complete most of your video editing tasks.

Available on: Wondows, Mac and Linux


Shotcut is free and open source platform video editing software. You can edit videos totally free using this software. They have huge variety of filters to choose from.

Available On: Windows, Linux and Mac


Openshot is easy to use free video editing software. You can trim, add animations and video effects, slomo and many more.

Available On: Windows, Mac and Linux


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