8 Best Free Website Hosting Sites In 2021

by Chinkush
free website hosting

Tu run any website you need hosting for your domain that will store all the data that you are publishing on your site. If you are looking for free domain registration check here There are some sites that provide free website hosting for your domain which means you can run your website totally free. But there’s catch in every free hosting. Don’t expect to run high end sites on these free hosting. Here are the best free website hosting sites(2021)


000webhost is the free hosting service powered by Hostinger. You can run a Wordpress site through this hosting if you don’t have much traffic. You can host one websites with one account. They provide 300mb of storage and 3gb of bandwidth. The catch is that they will suspend your account with one warning if you exceed the free limits. Get your free hosting here.

Infinity Free

Infinityfree is overall a good free hosting provider. They provide unlimited free web hosting for 8 years. They provide unlimited storage and bandwidth. They also offers 99.9% uptime and free SSL for every plan. Only catch is you have to take care of their terms about what type of content you can upload. Get your free hosting here.


Awardspace has more than 2.5 million customers and 17 years in web hosting business. They provide 1gb of storage and 5gb of bandwidth. They guarantee 99% up time. They mention their hosting is best if you have less than 5000 visitors per month. The catch is you have to take care of their terms of using their service. If you violate any of their terms they will terminate your account permanently without any warning. Get your free hosting here


Freehosting provides 100% free hosting for lifetime. The best part of this hosting is that they provide unmetered bandwidth. They offers 10gb of storage and one email account. You can use this service if you have 30000 daily visitors. The catch is that their average uptime and loading time is not that good. They clearly mention that website should comply with their Fair Use Policy. Get your free hosting here


Freehostia provides free hosting service for about five domains. They provide 250mb of storage and 6gb of bandwidth. You can install Wordpress, Joomla in one click. The catch is the storage space they provide is very less. Site load time and uptime are not good at all. Check this free hosting here


Accuwebhosting offers free hosting service for lifetime. They provides 2gb of storage space and 30gb of bandwidth. Ideal for monthly visitors upto 5000. The catch is that you have to submit govt issued id while creating account. Get your free hosting here


x10hosting provides free cloud hosting service. They provide 512mb of storage and unlimited bandwidth. This is best for running high traffic sites. The catch is that you cannot signup this hosting at all the locations. Check this hosting site here


Hostinger provides almost free hosting at $0.99/mo They provides 10gb of storage and 100gb of bandwidth. You can run any high traffic site through this hosting. They provide 30 day money back guarantee policy. Check this awesome hosting here


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