7 Best Online Photography Jobs – Sell Stock Photos To Earn Money

by Chinkush
best photography jobs

Love clicking photos and looking for online photography jobs? You can make extra earning just by selling stock photos online. These stock photos are in great demand by businesses and organizations. We have made a list of best websites to sell photos. Here is the list of best sites to sell stock photos online


Shutterstock is the best place to sell photos online. Over the last 15 years they have paid billion dollar to worldwide community. If you are a good photographer you can earn good income from this site. This site also accepts videos in HD and 4K format and vectors too. Shutterstock pays you monthly.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is in the market from last 10 years. On this site you can earn good money selling photos, videos and vector. You will be paid 33% for every image or vector and 35% for every video according to the price. You wiill be paid through Paypal or Skrill once your payment reaches $25.


500px is another famous place to sell photos. You will be paid 60% royalties on your photos. They claim they serve 1 million customers throughout the world.


Smugmug is another good site to sell photos. You can keep 85% of what you sell. You just have to pay $27/ month in order to sell photos. They also give option to set up your own site without coding that comes in pro plan. You can select the price of your image. This site is for those professionals who know how much their pictures are worth.


Istock is in the photos selling market from 2001. To apply you need to download their app and submit 3-6 photos which will be reviewed and if you get selected you will get joining confirmation. Your rate of percentage depends on the image. Expect 15% – 40% per photo.


Snapped4u is the easiest way to sell photos online. You just need to upload photos in galleries and when buyer buys those you will get the money. They charge very less as compare to other sites and pay through Paypal every first of the month.


Photoshelter is another site that let you share your photos by creating site yfor you. You can create easy site for yourself. you just need to pay for storage. Their basic plan of 4gb space starts at $10/month. They also provide 14 day free trial.


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