6 Best Voice Over Jobs Sites For Beginners To Work From Home

by Chinkush
voiceover jobs sites

It is best when you know what you are best at when it comes to talent based jobs. Voice over jobs are in great demand these days and you can easily build a career as voice over actor. The online marketplace for these jobs is increasing on great scale. You can give your voice for creating advertisements, audiobook narration and a lot more. If you are thinking to make money doing voice over jobs just take the step and begin no matter you are a beginner or experienced. Here is the list of best voice over jobs


Voices is one of the best marketplace for voiceover jobs. Just signup on their website, find the best client from any area you are comfortable with and send audition. Available areas for voiceover are animation, audiobooks, advertisements, podcast and lot more. You are paid according to the project expect between $100-$1000 per project.

Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio earlier known as Voice Bunny is the best place for someone who have knowledge about voiceover jobs. You have to pass test to become voice over artist, but once you got selected you can find clients easily. You can set up your pay rate on bunny studio. You will be paid for every approved submission even if your client cancel the audition. You can also take part in contests and complete with other members.


Voices123 is another marketplace for voice over artists. You can signup on their site and give auditions to the jobs posted by the clients. You can apply on this platform from anywhere from the world. Their is also paid subscription yearly basis that you can take advantage of or you can go for free one.

The Voices Realm

The voices realm is another place to get voice over actor job online. You need to submit the demo form along with your recording and they will contact you if you got selected.


Fiverr is the best marketplace for beginner voiceover artists. There is a lot of competition but you can compete with the quality of your work. Post your gig and show how different your gig is from the others. Once you start getting good reviews you will start getting more and more jobs.


Upwork is another freelancing marketplace for beginners voice over actors. Quality of work is what make you king on this platform. Apply for the jobs offered by the clients, it’s best if you make your portfolio with a sample of your recording. It will help the client the idea of what kind of work he can expect.


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