5 Ways How To Make Money On Instagram 2021

by Chinkush
how to make money on instagram

Instagram is one of the top popular social media that has gained billions of users in past few years. Millions of posts and stories are uploaded everyday on Instagram. Have ever thought of making money on Instagram just by using your phone? Well here I will tell you 5 ways how to make money on Instagram in 2021.

Sell On Instagram

Start online shop on Instagram is the best way to make money. You can connect your Instagram account with online shop and make sales. Just post your products from your business account and the best part you need to pay nothing. You can keep track of every action taken by your followers in your business account dashboard. You can make use of these tools and grow your business.

Become Influencer

Becoming influencer and promoting products is the best way make money through paid promotions. Every brand need to promote their business and they need influencers. You can also register on sites like influencer.co or izea.com and become influencer.

Sell Shoutouts

You can sell shoutouts if you have well grown Instagram account. It’s recommended to have at least 10k followers so that you can add links in your stories. You can charge users for giving shoutouts by uploading stories or through posts. Just add description in your bio that you are selling shoutouts or you can also use websites like buysellshoutouts or plughype to sell shoutouts.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of making money through commissions from affiliate products. You can join any affiliate product of your choice or you can choose from sites like clickbank or cj. Just put the affiliate link in your bio and keep on promoting through posts or stories. When someone buys from your link you get commission.

Sell Account

This is the another method of making money through Instagram. Don’t think its illegal to sell instagram account there is no law against buying or selling instagram account. Accounts with massive followers are sold for huge money. You can sell accounts on sites like fameswap or social tradia.

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